Jeffery Dobretz

28 July 2022
4 months ago
They did a great job. Did everything I needed fixed on my pc in less than an hour. Highly recommend

Jeff Hillstrom

28 June 2022
5 months ago
The service was excellent , fast and efficient

Leanne Lowery

26 June 2022
5 months ago
Fixed my computer in 2 days after HP technicians couldn't fix it in 6 days. Aaron touched base each day to tell me progress and supplied me with a lit of the pr...
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Sierra Hoff

24 February 2022
9 months ago
Excellent service. They were friendly, quick, and knowledgeable. I have had a lot of bad experiences with tech repair at other places, but I will be coming here...
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Ada Ruiz

06 April 2021
2 years ago

jim canclini

08 February 2021
2 years ago

Dave Kirsten

07 January 2019
4 years ago
I've never handed Greg a problem he couldn't solve.


22 December 2015
7 years ago
They had almost no inventory and the service was poor because of the racist owner