What type of computers do you sell?

We sell only the highest quality commercial grade computer systems. Each computer system is assembled to meet the exact specifications for each customers needs.

If individual components are needed, each is selected for its superior quality. We believe in installing quality components for long trouble-free use.

What upgrades do I need?

The upgrades needed will greatly depend on the type and size computer you have. We usually recommend upgrading to the fullest extent possible. As technology advances, the need for computing power increases.

Many times the computer is not upgradeable or has reached its upgrade capacity. At that point we recommend purchasing a new computer with room to grow.

How long will it take to fix my computer?

Repairs or upgrades are usually completed within two business days. Mostly the length of time is dependent on the availability of software or hardware components needed for your computer.

My computer stopped working. What do I do?

If your computer stops working, call Press-F1 Computer Service. A service technician will respond as rapidly as possible.

My computer has a reoccurring problem.

If your computer has a reoccurring problem, call Press-F1 Computer Service immediately. A minor problem often develops into a major problem causing serious damage.

Before you call, document what you are doing when the problem occurs or record the error message. This will help the technician and decrease service time and cost.

Self Help
My computer is not responding.

A computer not responding is usually caused by some program running, using all the system resources.

Try This:  Press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys on the keyboard at the same time. This will bring up the Task Manager. If there are any Applications listed as "Not Responding," Select the one and click End Task.

If that doesn't help, in Task Manager, select the Shutdown menu. Click Restart. Most of the time a restart of the system will release the offending program and make your computer usable again.

My Computer is running very slow.

A computer running slow can almost be considered the same as Not Responding. Usually slow-downs are caused by adware or spyware or virus infection.

Try This: Get a free spyware scan program from the Internet. Try Install and run the program, it will automatically update and scan. It will find a list of offending objects. Let the program remove what it finds.

What is a Pop-Up Blocker?

A Pop-Up Blocker is a function usually on a tool bar added to your Internet browser. It stops pop-up advertising while you are on the Internet.

What this is doing is stopping the pop-ups so the advertiser can still track your every move on the Internet. It's essentially putting a band-aid on the problem.

Clearing out the adware and spyware causing the problem will eliminate the need for the Pop-Up Blocker.

My computer will not turn off.

Your computer is hung, no response from keyboard or mouse. Give it a reasonable amount of time. It may be processing something.

Try This: Press the power button on the front of your computer system unit. Hold the button in for about 15 seconds. The computer will shut down. Leave it off for about a minute then click the power button again to turn on the system. The computer will start normally.

I lost my DSL Internet connection.

You have no response from your Internet browser. You get a Page Not Found screen.

Try This:   Turn off your computer and your DSL Modem. If you have a router or connection device between the Internet provider and your computer, make sure it is turned off.

The order you turn things off is not important, but the order of turning back on is very important. First turn on your DSL Modem. Give it a minute or so to get synchronized with your Internet provider. Next turn on any router or connection device, then turn on your computer.

I lost my network connection.

A network connection is a connection to another computer in your home or office. This is referred to as a Local Area Network or LAN.

Try This:  First try restarting your computer. If that does not re-establish your connection you can repair the network connection. In the Control Panel, open Network Connections. Right click on the LAN icon, select Repair.

I've tried everything, What now?

I've tried everything I could think of and I'm ready to hurl this computer out the window.

Try This:  Call 209-368-5252